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Mal & Jordan's Summer Picnic Inspired Engagement

I could explain how magical Mal and Jordan’s engagement shoot was because of the amount of love, thought and time she put into planning into it. And don’t get me wrong – that played a big part. But the best reason of all that this session was so magical is because of the love and friendship these two share for one another. And no one could explain that better than the beautiful bride to be.

"To the onlooker, our relationship is unique because I stand one foot nine inches below my long legged man. To me, our relationship is so unique because of who we are, who we aren’t, and the bond that emerged as a result.

Jordan: a former division one basketball player, a savvy mathematician, a businessman who’s anal beyond belief, and an introvert.

Mallory: a lackluster athlete, a voracious reader and writer, an educator, a firm believer that laundry is most accessible when on the floor, and an extrovert to the extreme.

Despite our differences and perhaps to their credit, we have developed a love with no bounds. We categorize our relationship into two parts: loving and doing.

The loving of course involves living out our lives and supporting one another at all costs. It involves kisses, messages, and random acts of kindness. It involves learning together and challenging one another to advance our thinking. It involves arguing and then laughing about it. It involves being vulnerable. It involves healing one another. It involves raising two cats together, seriously - those parenting decisions involve a lot of compromise.

Secondly there’s the ever important doing aspect of our relationship. We refuse to be a couple that doesn’t “do” things or a couple that misses out on the opportunities of life. We get physical: we bike; we hike; we run; we walk; we explore; we (Jordan attempts to teach me how to) play sports; we swim; WE DO STUFF. We love stuff! It is a vital part of our relationship. It’s when we’re active and exploring that we have great conversation, laugh, learn, and become better friends.

We wanted our engagement shoot to capture the loving and doing aspects that sustain and enrich our uniquely beautiful relationship."

& That right there ladies and gents is why I have the best job of all – I get to capture and share love stories like these.

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