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Benefits to Hiring a Photo & Video Team | Maine Wedding Photographer & Videographer

On your wedding day your vendors work as a team to bring your vision to life. There are huge benefits to having professionals who have worked together as it provides another layer of trust, coordination, fluency, and even more fun to your wedding day. Vendors work closely with each other to make sure your day runs smoothly and you have an incredible experience.

Two vendors that work side by side on your wedding day are your photographer & videographer. They both have the same goal of capturing your celebration but through different formats. Their coordination and style is imperative in making sure all your moments are captured and you have an experience that is effortless.

In the past we have worked separately with other photographers and videographers and now we strictly only work together. In fact we don't even offer one service on it's own anymore because we truly believe we are better together.

From our experience, here are five benefits of working with a photo & video team...

  1. We both value and respect the job of the other and know what it takes for us to BOTH get the shots. Sometimes, one vendor can take the lead (which is ok) but you want to make sure both formats are prioritized and that everyone gets the shots they need.

2. We work well together. (You would hope so because we're married) But in all seriousness there is a level of communication that allows us to provide an elevated experience to our clients. We can often anticipate what the other person needs, make creative suggestions during & post process, and when you do it together every single weekend you have much more experience.

3. Our styles are cohesive and consistent. Sometimes it's difficult to find a photographer & videographer whose aesthetic match. We have spent years refining our editing to make our films and photos cohesive.

4. The ease of "one vendor". It just makes the process a little more simple, and who doesn't love that? One contract. One invoice. One team to communicate with.

5. It's more fun! We had one couple say "having a husband and wife team added to our love filled day". We're a married couple - we have been there! We have the perspective of both a bride & groom. We have a playful banter that will make you feel like you're with friends. & When you get to work with your partner, work is a lot more fun - which makes it more fun for you too!


Although we believe the experience we offer to our couples is unique - that does not mean that other photographers & videographers don't work incredible together and can provide you with such a great experience. If we're not available (or your style) we are SO happy to send you some referrals. We just wanted to share our unique experience and give you something to think about when looking for your vendor team.


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