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Life With The Libbys | 2023 Books

books to read for 2023

One of my goals for 2023 was to read more books - specifically at least 1-2 a month and aim to start & end my day with a book. According to my Kindle Insights I've read 13 books so far and going on a 54 week streak. I always try to start my day with a personal development book (woah that Tony Robbins book took me a while to get through) and end with fiction, as you can tell I love some CoHo.

I always love to see what other people are reading so I thought I would share some of mine as well as what I'm currently reading because I'm loving Happy Place by Emily Henry and think it's the perfect Maine Summer read.

What have you read recently? Whats on your summer reading list?

books to read for 2023


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