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Vendor Feature: Pinch Me Planning

Today's vendor feature is a special one because I get to feature my friend, our wedding planner, past bride, and business partner - Christina of Pinch Me Planning! We met in the industry back in 2016 and shortly after started a gifting business called Posh + Walker, we then took our wedding businesses full time, she planned my wedding, I photographed hers, and we collaborated on so many beautiful weddings in between.

Keep scrolling to learn more about PMP!

Q: Tell us about you & your business:

A: I am Christina, and I started Pinch Me Planning in 2016. I’ve always loved processes - specifically when it comes to seeing how things are made. That’s why the majority of my professional career has been in product development and buying. Back in 2013, I was diagnosed with cancer, which really allowed me to take pause in what I valued most in life. The moments I spent with family and friends celebrating each other were among my most cherished memories, so I knew I wanted to prioritize creating more of those going forward. So when friends started getting engaged, they would ask me to help with designing and planning their weddings. It then started to click that being a wedding planner would allow me to still do the things I loved professionally - implementing processes and designing - and continue celebrating some of life’s happiest moments.

Q: Can you describe the type of services you offer?

A: We offer design, planning, and coordination services for clients planning their wedding celebrations!

(photo of our wedding tent shot by MaryClairePhotography)

Q: How does your business differ from others in the industry? Or what’s your niche style?

A: Our approach is collaborative - we don’t want you to just hand over the reigns. We work very closely with all of our clients so we can ensure their weddings are unique to them. We want a personal touch to be on each event.

Q: How far in advance should clients be booking their wedding planner?

A: Ideally no less than 9 months and no more than two years in advance. Wedding planning tends to be bookended. We’ll do a lot up front - take a breather - and then pick it up towards the end again. It’s nice to have more time, so you don’t feel rushed to make decisions or hastey financial choices.

Q: What’s one thing you wish more couples knew when trying to find & book their wedding planner?

A: There’s no price for peace of mind. We help you justify each decision you make - why you should spend more on that specific venue, invest in additional lighting, or skip the favors that everyone will leave on the table :)

Q: What keeps you inspired?

A: My colleagues. I see how hard all of my fellow Maine vendors work all season long. I want every event to go flawlessly, because I know how much heart goes into producing a wedding. We want to make sure we hold up our end of the bargain so we continue showing off how great parties in Maine can be!

Q: What’s a typical day in the life of Christina look like during your busy season?

A: Oh geez - we have multiple events each week, so I’m finalizing details with my own clients and checking in on my staff as well. I’m taking calls with potential couples and working on design plans for next year’s celebrations. I’m planning our social media, responding to emails, reviewing contracts, and so much more!

Q: What’s your dream color palette?

A: Oh I can’t pick just one! My personal wedding palette was black, white, camel with a splash of cherry red!

Q: Tell us about a design you’ve been dreaming of creating?

A: I’d love to create a floral tunnel leading guests from the ceremony to cocktail hour - or even one big enough to have cocktail hour in!

Quick Qs

  1. Instagram or Pinterest: Pinterest

  2. Coffee or Cocktail: Cocktail

  3. Beach or Mountains: Beach

  4. Night in or night out: In

  5. Weekend of Festivities or One Day Celebration: Weekend

  6. Tented Design or Indoor Venue: Indoor

Connect with Pinch Me Planning

Her friendship & support truly mean so much to me so I'm excited to be sharing a peek into her amazingness. I honestly can't articulate how important it is to have a Christina in your life when planning a wedding. She was my sounding board, my go-to, my magic maker - but she gave me the most invaluable gift of being completely present and in the moment on my wedding day because I trusted her to bring it all together.

Just for fun here is an ugly crying picture of me when I saw our wedding tent vision brought to life and the biggest thank you hug at the end of the reception.


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