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How to use Pinterest for Your Session

I’m admittedly a Pinterest lover. I use it for craft & DIY projects, style ideas, interior design, and most of all for inspiration for clients. If it’s your first time getting your photos taken sometimes planning can be overwhelming. Clients ask me questions like, “What location should I choose?” and “What should we wear?”

That’s when I either ask them if they have a Pinterest board (this helps me get a better idea of the style & feeling they are trying to capture so I can better help them create their vision) or I ask them to check out my Pinterest boards if they are looking for some inspiration.

If you are planning your session, here are a few of my favorite boards to help spark your creativity and discover your style.

To see more & follow my board just click the image to be redirected.

Capture Love - For couples, engagement & wedding portraits.

Seniors & Portraits - For senior portraits, models, bloggers and anyone who wants an excuse to get some photos and be creative.

Children & Newborn - Newborns, individual children portraits & lifestyle images

Family & Siblings - Full family portraits, siblings, momma and baby & more.

Maternity - For expecting Moms-to-be (and Dad's too!)

Bridal Boudoir - Bridal boudoir, valentine's day inspiration, or just a self-confidence love yourself session.

*Majority of these photos are not my own, but collected off Pinterest for inspiration.*

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