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50th Anniversary Shoot | My Grandparents

It is with great honor and pleasure to share this 50th anniversary session to you.

My grandparents… fifty years of marriage, three children, five grandchildren, and a love that we all aspire to have one day. They share a bond that is friendship, simple, real, raw, emotional, compassionate, and most of all - giving.

They give unconditionally to each other and to our family every single day. This photo shoot was my way of giving back to them. Not only a chance to capture their love through photographs but also an experience for the two of them to embrace 50 years of marriage, feel beautiful (pampered even), and to embrace this beautiful life they were so lucky to share.

When I was 13 we were all sitting around my grandparent’s table and my grandfather looked at me and said, “Your Nana has the most sexiest signature.” And that has always stuck with me. You might be thinking, what?! But in that moment I thought to myself… well, that’s true love right there. A love so deep that you admire the way she puts pen to paper and the way her name looks with your last name.

As I grow older so does my admiration for their marriage and the bond that they share. I feel so deeply blessed to not only enjoy the presence of both my grandparents but to also to have the opportunity to capture their love in this way.

When I asked my Nana how they made it work for 50+ years she said, “I think the main thing is we were married at 18 & 19 and that doesn’t happen anymore. Papa joined the Navy and the two of us left our family and friends behind and were forced to depend upon on each other.

I think the entire year we spent apart from each other when he was in the service only made our love grow stronger.

The thing of it and marriage is not always 50/50, sometimes it’s 80/20 and sometimes it’s 40/60 but you both have to learn to give and take and respect each other through it all.

It’s not a Barbie & Ken story, but it’s ours.”

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