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Erika & Scott | High School Sweethearts Reconnect

"I've loved you for as long as I can remember. We may not be 15 & 16, but that love was our foundation. A foundation that stood the test of time, change, heartache, and paths not quite connected. Although there were years lost, I'm in love with you now as if we never parted ways. I vowed when we reconnected I would never let you go."

I'm such a romantic, probably no surprise as I'm a wedding photographer, but Erika & Scott's wedding sure pulled on my heart strings. Two high school sweethearts vowed their love to each other and joined two families as one. They danced the night away and held each other close with their kids by their side. Erika & Scott, your love for each other and your family is inspiring. I'm so grateful to have shared and captured your day.

Ceremony: Private Residence

Reception Venue: The Small Point Club, Small Point Maine

DIY Florals

Catering: Small Point Club Guitarist: Kyle Trask of "Statesmen"

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