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Small Businesses We Love to Support | Life With The Libbys

We've been meaning to put together a collection of our favorite local & small businesses and now seems like the perfect time to give our favorites a little love & support.

After all the restrictions of the coronavirus is over, I hope we never take for granted all the little things that make our life & community so incredible.

You probably already know that Portland is known for it's foodie scene, local brews, and historic charm. Today I'm going to share a few of my favorites for those planning a Maine getaway or better yet - locals looking to play tourist in their own city or looking for businesses to support.


Who doesn't like to eat their way around a city? I know I do. Our favorite thing to do in Portland is appetizer hop around our favorite locations instead of having a sit down dinner.

locally sourced Chinese dishes

favorite: bacon fried rice & bao buns

small plates & clever cocktails

favorite: popcorn & 'Hotel Nationale' cocktail (no longer on the menu, but so good!)

favorite BBQ spot

favorite: chopped pork sandwich & fries

Juicery & Smoothie Bowls

(suggest Exchange St. Location for pick up / Forest Ave. Location for hang out)

favorite: summer bowl w/ extra PB

Suga Suga

Order take out or check their pop-up schedule for the BEST macarons

favorite: anything lemon

Boda Thai inspired eatery - perfect for late night or shared plates

favorite: sticky rice ball & bacon wrapped dates

favorite: mimosas

Ok, it's not in Portland, but I promise they have the best donuts and only a few minutes outside of the city.

favorite: strawberry glazed

Another Cape Elizabeth favorite, but worth mentioning! favorite: sriracha honey on an everything bagel egg sandwich w/ a coconut cold brew


Because my first favorite thing to do when exploring a new city is eat, I also find it fun to schedule a workout class while I'm there. So I've included a few of my my favorites, along with non-fitness activities for those just looking for some fun without the sweat.

Rhythm-based indoor cycling studio - if you're looking to smile, dance, and sweat it out there is no experience quite like a jibe ride. If you're a local and looking for a spin studio - look no further.

Boutique fitness studio offering barre classes - this is my favorite workout to compliment my spin classes. Looking to move your body without dripping sweat? Barre is the perfect slow burn and will get you strong & lean muscles with consistency.

Premiere Training Facility in Maine - go train with my girl Mary Green!

Sailing around Casco Bay! You can BYOB and it's such a fun thing to do on a summer afternoon or evening sunset

Not only our favorite spot to go bowling with friends, but their rooftop bar is amazing!

Check out their frozen margs & taco truck too!

If you're in Portland, and like to drink - head on over to Thompsons Point

for a little beer & wine.


When getting settled into a new city or looking for someone new, finding good beauty recommendations can be tough. I'm sharing my go-to spots in the Portland & surrounding area.


The cutest gift shop with the perfect cards.

Beautiful resin art - shop online or found at some local stores.

While Vena's is a great stop for food & incredible cocktail - I personally love their shop for all my cocktail mixing needs.

Portland is full of so many incredible small businesses, that's what makes it so special. I'm sure I left many of my list, but honestly there are just SO many to name. I'll continue to update this post so you can use it as a reference.

If you're looking for ways to support our small business, here's a few ideas:

  • NEW! Print Shop - We've finally launched our print shop allowing clients to order prints directly through their Pixieset gallery. So many of us are tackling home projects during this 'stay at home' season, so if you're looking to take your photos off your computer and onto your walls I encourage you to print directly through us. If you're a past client and no longer have access to your gallery, email us and we will get that re-uploaded for you ASAP.

  • DESIGN - Create your photo book, albums, or photo gifts with Artifact Uprising. We used this incredible company to create our own wedding album and love their EveryDay Books. Full Disclosure: we have partnered with Artifact Uprising to share their products with our clients, that means we get a portion of sales when you use our link. So if you're planning on ordering anyway, we would appreciate your support if you used our link!

  • BOOK - From reserving a date for a portrait session, wedding, or a gift certificate now is the perfect time to get on our calendars. With rescheduling happening for the summer, fall, and new bookings for 2021, it's never too early to reach out.

  • REFER - If you're a past, present, or future client we would love & appreciate if you share our business with your friends and family so that we can book more incredible clients like you.

  • LEAVE A REVIEW - If you're a past client, your kind words and referrals mean everything to us. If you would be willing, please leave us a review wherever is more convenient for you such as: Google, Facebook, or The Knot.

  • ENGAGE - Social media is our number one marketing platform for bookings & referrals - your engagement ensures that we reach more amazing people like you! Plus, we love connecting with you guys.

Again, thank you for your continued support our small business & so many others.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you & hope to connect with you soon.

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