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Our One Year Anniversary | Life With The Libbys

We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary launching our new brand - The Libbys. Although it might not be traditional love story - it is ours.

Staring our new business together, with a new name that we share.

The opportunity to share this life & business together, is one of life's greatest gifts.

This anniversary was the first of many - and I hope we never stop chasing our dreams together.

This motorcycle is my connection to the past, the future, and the two most important men in my life. I had dreams of putting on my wedding dress again for our anniversary and taking photos on the back of my Dad's motorcycle, and my best friend Mackenzie Lamoureux made them come true with these photos!

For a little back story...

The summer before my Dad passed away he bought this motorcycle. He spent every day he could on it and truly was living his best life.

Flashback to when Cole and I first started daring almost 7 years ago, we spent many of our first dates on the back of his motorcycle.

Now - here I am with my Dad's motorcycle and my husband.

I loved being able to share this special moment connecting the two most important men in my life.

Also, I think all brides should find a reason to put their wedding dress back on!

Photographs captured by Mackenzie Lamoureux Florals by Watershed Floral

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