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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Maine and destination wedding photographer

We've talked about this topic on the blog before, but as we enter another season of engagements and wedding planning we thought it could use a refresh.

When you’re first engaged and diving into wedding planning it can be overwhelming with all the decisions to make. You likely have been dreaming of this day for a while and want to ensure your vision comes to life. Our first piece of advice is always to hire a wedding planner. They will be your best trusted resource to guide your through each step.

& before looking into booking additional vendors I think it’s important to talk with your partner about priorities and what’s important to you. I highly recommend allocating your budget and order of booking based on this conversation.

Okay - so now that you’re finally ready to dive into your wedding photographer search here are 5 things to consider:


The first and most obvious factor to consider when choosing your wedding photographer is are they available?! If you have your heart set on working with a particular creative team we recommend not waiting to reach out. If you and your venue are flexible on dates it’s worth reaching out to your “must have” vendors to check in with their availability before solidifying a date.

Aesthetic & Style

When searching through portfolios of wedding photographers you likely will have a gut instinct of an aesthetic you’re captivated by.

You might be drawn to a light & bright more film feel or perhaps you prefer a dark & moody editing style. Clarifying the “aesthetic” you prefer will help narrow down your photographer search.

Beyond editing style, you want to look into shooting style. How are the moments captured? Are you attracted to documentary and candids or more of an editorial and posed style of work. Likely, most photographers have a blend of styles that tell the whole story of the day.

Pro Tip:

Ask to see a full gallery of a wedding that’s at the same venue, season, or style as yours. It’s helpful to see how a photographer captures a day from start to finish. Social media and blogs are often just highlight reels so seeing how a day is fully captured is helpful to interpret if a photographer is the right fit.


What’s it like actually working with the photographer? You can get a pretty clear vision of their style of product they deliver to clients but it’s important to know what the experience is like working with them. From communication leading up to the wedding, approach on the wedding day, all the way to delivery of final product you want to make sure it’s clear what their processes look like and if they align with your expectations.


Working with a photographer is such an intimate experience - especially on your wedding day. They’re likely with you most of the day and you want to enjoy their presence. More importantly you want to feel comfortable with the team you’re working with. When you feel comfortable, you’re free to be yourself and when that happens you get more authentic photographs that show the best version of you.

Pro Tip:

Hop on a call or video chat with your photographer. Do you feel an instant connection? Do you feel comfortable? It’s easier to trust your gut through phone and video than via email.


When hiring someone to capture some of your most important memories you want to make sure they have experience that you can trust. From professionalism on a wedding day, collaboration with other vendors, knowing best business practices, and confidence in leading you through the whole experience. You’re investing in a professional so they can do what they do best and you can relax and be in the moment on your big day knowing they have you covered.

So want to know if we’re the right fit?! Here's a little more about us...

We have a style that is romantic with a light & bright feel that is as timeless and authentic as your love. We believe the small things are the big things and that it is such an incredible honor to have the chance to document your story.

Our approach to working with clients is genuine and natural with an organic flow of poses and candid imagery. We pride ourselves on communication from the initial inquiry and making you feel comfortable, beautiful, and special for years to come.

Our favorite kinds of weddings are the ones that are full of thoughtful details, heartfelt words, and crazy dance parties. Our clients leave an imprint on our hearts and inspire us with design, emotion, and uniqueness.

For over ten years we have been working in the industry capturing weddings along New England's coast and domestic & international destinations.

To learn more about our availability & offerings fill out our contact form here and we would be happy to talk more details.


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