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Gift Guide | For The Bride & Groom

When you're busy planning a wedding, gifts for each other might fall off your priority list. However, I'm a big fan of a heartfelt handwritten letter and something small and sentimental to gift your husband/wife to-be the morning of your wedding. If you're looking for some inspiration, we have rounded up some of our favorites for you.

Also a bonus for your wedding film is reading your letters (in first person) so that we can weave the audio into your film for super personal touch.


Photo Book

One of the most popular gifts we see brides/grooms give to their fiancés is a photo book. It could be from a secret boudoir session you did for him, your engagement photos, or maybe a walk down memory lane of your relationship together.

Food & Drinks

Okay now you're probably thinking I'm crazy but you probably already know that a way to a man's heart (or woman's) is through their stomach. Sending over a surprise spread of their favorite food, custom cookies, or nice bottle of champagne is a wonderful gift for either the bride or groom and certainly won't go to waste.

Honeymoon/MiniMoon Upgrades

Already looking forward to after the wedding? A great gift would be an upgrade to your already booked honeymoon. Anything from private transportation, and extra night, excursion, or room upgrade are all bonuses anyone would love.

*Pro Tip*

We always find the best cards at our local shop Gus & Ruby.



A classic & timeless watch is always a good go-to gift for your groom. Other ideas could include a tie clip or cuff links. Bonus points if you add a special engraving or note.

Fun or Custom Socks

Make your man laugh with a pair of socks that show off his personality.

Something Useful

One of the things I dislike about most wedding related things is that they're focused on just one day. Consider gifting something they will use often like a new yeti mug, travel bag, or wallet. You know your man best - what is something that will bring him joy beyond just the wedding day?


Something She Already Wanted

If you know your girl, you probably know these is something on her wedding dream list she didn't end up buying. Maybe it was a pair of shoes, earrings, or even something like extending photo & video coverage through your after party. Wow her by making her dreams come true and bringing her wish list to life. Need some help? Check in with her planner, best friend or your future Mother in Law to see is something your bride has had her eye on.


You can never go wrong with jewelry for your bride. A pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring all make perfect gifts. Again - extra points if you get something custom or engraved!


A new trend we have been loving is the custom apparel - everything from jean & leather jackets to tote bags. Maybe it includes her new last name, wedding date, or something with her new title of 'wife' or 'mrs' or 'just married'.

Have better ideas? Send them over & we will add them to our list!


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