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How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session | Maine Family Photographer

I’ve photographed numerous newborn sessions in my career, but it wasn’t until we were planning our Baby Grey’s session that I got to see it from the perspective of a Mom. Let’s be honest, motherhood (parenthood) can be overwhelming - especially in the first few weeks. You’re getting to know your baby, yourself, and your new family unit all at once. It’s such a precious time that deserves to be captured but after doing it just a few short months ago I understand how overwhelming it can be.

I’m hoping by sharing a few tips and things to consider when preparing for your session it can help ease the stress leading up to as well as day of your session.

  1. Picking a Date -When you book a newborn session with me, time is flexible. Babies are unpredictable so unless you have a scheduled birth I usually recommend just reaching out once you get home and settled. Then we can get something on the books within the next few weeks. I think you’ll read a lot about the window of opportunity for newborn sessions but what I recommend is do what’s best for you. Yes, it feels like your baby is changing every day so I understand the desire to do it as soon as you can but give yourself grace and space to do it when you’re ready. For our family, the three week mark was the sweet spot.

  2. Outfits - When it comes to your outfits - plan ahead. Pick out your outfits for you, your partner, baby, and any siblings while you’re still pregnant. Trust me on this. I was scrambling days before our session and it was not fun. At least have a few options laid out so that you don’t have to even think about it or do any express shipping. If you’re looking for some inspiration on outfits I have a separate blog post HERE that shares some inspiration.

  3. Timing - Once you’re home and settled see if there is a time of day that baby seems more content or happy. For a lot of babies - that seems to be morning-ish but maybe early afternoon gives you a chance to catch up on some sleep and get your hair & makeup done. Again - do what’s best for you! Take a look at the light in your house at certain times of day and see when you have the best lighting. All of these things can play a role in choosing the best time for you.

  4. Speaking of hair & makeup, consider hiring someone to do this for you. New mom life hits us hard so having someone to come pamper you and make you feel your best before photos is more than just looking good but helps you feel good too.

  5. Let go of expectations. Babies get to take the lead during your session. We don’t want to force them to sleep, wake, smile, snuggle up if they’re not in the mood. Let them take the lead - if they’re awake for the entire session great, if they’re sleeping - that’s great too! We’re not in a time crunch during your session so if you need to take time to feed them, comfort them, switch it up - there is space for that.

Questions about newborn sessions?

I take very limited every year but with the upcoming winter months I have some upcoming availability.

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