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How To Turn Your Photos into Gifts | The Libbys Photo + Films

Your photos are meant to be printed, enjoyed, and hung where you can see. Too frequently our clients receive their galleries and put off ordering prints, creating albums, or gifts for their signifiant other or family.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought what a perfect way to share some inspiration on how you can turn your photos into gifts (for you or someone else :)

1. Make prints from your Pixieset Gallery

The print store connected to your Pixiset Gallery offers a variety of options from standard prints, large format, square, fine art & mounted! Turn these into gifts by wrapping them in a bow or putting them in a linen box for safe keeping.

20% off any order | Use Code: LOVE20

2. Create Wall Art from your Pixieset Gallery

Your photos deserve to be hung for all to see! Get creative with options like canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic! You can even add options like a gallery frame, wood frame, or bamboo panel.

Need inspiration of how to showcase your photos in your home? Take a peek at our pinterest board.

20% off any order | Use Code: LOVE20

3. Everyday Photo Book from Artifact Uprising

Looking to create a smaller album with your family session, engagement session, or wedding for your parents? The Every Day Photo Book is our go-to. We love the timeless design and easy drag & drop features.

15% off this weekend | Use Code: EVERYDAY

4. Wedding Layflat Photo Album from Artifact Uprising

Another favorite from Artifact Uprising is their Wedding Layflat Album. This is an heirloom quality album that offers variety of wedding-theme covers and custom foil stamping. We used this for our own wedding album and love it!

15% off this weekend | Use Code: EVERYDAY

5. Baby Board Book from Artifact Uprising

Perfect for the littles in your life - the Baby Board Book. Take your family photos and turn them into an interactive book for your child.

15% off this weekend | Use Code: EVERYDAY

6. Other Artifact Uprising Gifts

From calendars, block prints, brass easels and more - Artifact Uprising has so many thoughtful gift options for all the people in your life.

15% off this weekend | Use Code: EVERYDAY

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