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Life With The Libbys | 6-12 Month Baby Grey Favorites

photo by darling photography

We blinked and somehow have a one year old. Our daughter Grey Winslow had her first birthday on November 18th and it's true what they say, the days are long but the years are short.

She changes on a weekly basis and never ceases to amaze us how extraordinary little humans are. From trying new foods, saying Momma & Dadda, walking and now almost running, her obsession with books, the vacuum, and being outside bring us both more joy than we ever thought possible. To put it simply - we are obsessed with her. And I absolutely love being her Mom.

A few months ago I put together a post sharing our favorites for the first 6 months so I thought it would be fitting to share a round up of our favorites for the second half of her first year.

When G turned 6 months it brought so much change. From starting solids, sleeping in her crib/own room, and being on the move we had our work cut out for us. As a parent just when you think you got it figure out - things change.

Here's a quick round up of favorite products followed by a breakdown of some of our favorite things.

The two biggest changes for us were sleep & starting solids. So let's first start with sleep. At 6 months we transitioned G out of the snoo which was a little harder than we anticipated. After she got acclimated to her new room we started doing a little sleep training, I know it can be controversial so always do what is best for you. But we loved the TakingCaraBabies course and did what we felt was right & comfortable with us. For the most part - G now sleeps 11ish hours a night and it is glorious. We already loved the kyte jammies so we opted for the sleep sacks and love them. We have them in different tog ratings for hotter days in the summer.

The next big change was starting solids. We LOVED the Starting Solids course and use their free app almost every day. Their first 100 day meal plan took the guessing game out of cooking and helped us feel empowered and encouraged with starting new foods for G. We also love Kelly's Fab 4 Under 4 course too. TinyHood also offers a quick course/videos for CPR & Choking for babies which we found super helpful and shared with our care providers & grandparents as well.

Baby proofing was another fun undertaking. My only advice is to start before you need to. It's so stressful finding time to get everything safe when baby is already on the move. We still have items on our check list to do.

Since the weather got warmer and as she got older Grey loved to be outside - any chance she could get. She spent so much time in her stroller and we loved this pop up tent for when we needed to keep her more contained.

Play at this age is so much fun. They become much more interactive and interested. And as I'm sure you already noticed are just as interested in every day household items as they are the expensive toys you buy them. With that being said, we still love our LoveEvery Subscription, G is obsessed with pop up (and all) books, and we had fun putting a playroom together to keep all her toys in one space. We're obsessed with the House of NOA play-mat that looks like a rug and a splurge but worth it was the Gathre Play Arches it definitely keeps her active and busy on rainy days. Maybe I'll put together a separate post in the future rounding up all our play room favs.

These 6 months brought so much change and growth - we love seeing the little human she is becoming. It's truly such a gift to watch her grow. We can't wait to share more of a peek into her first birthday party as well as more baby related content in the future.

Questions? Suggestions? Share them with us. We love sharing personal content on our blog and would love to share more of things you are interested in.


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