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Life With The Libbys | Celebrating 30

30th birthday in cabo mexico on a boat with arches in background

As I celebrate my birthday, a big milestone, another decade, the big 3-0 - I'm reminded of what an incredible gift it is to age. Each day I find gratitude for my life - I'm not sure I could have ever envisioned 30 feeling so good. I'm constantly on a journey of self improvement and I feel more like myself than I think I ever have - challenged, inspired, and at peace. A supportive husband, beautiful daughter, family connections, soulful friendships, fulfilling business, a cozy home. It is all I could have ever dreamed of and more yet I know this is only the beginning.

In celebration of 30, I wanted to share 30 little notes - a recap of lessons I've learned, values I've collected, and inspiration.

  1. Time is your currency. Value it. Use it wisely.

  2. Find gratitude in every day - the big things and all the little ones in between. This daily practice changed my perspective.

  3. Find your soul sisters and love them hard. They are rare beautiful gifts to this world and I'm blessed with the very best.

  4. Movement is medicine. Find a workout routine that you love.

  5. Never stop learning. Diving into education at every stage and area of your life will keep you energized and invigorated.

  6. Choose a partner who shares the same values as you. Someone you envision sharing a life, family, (and if you're like me) a business with. Someone you can be completely and utterly yourself with and that lets you shine. Cole, you are the absolute man of my dreams and I feel lucky everyday to share this life with you.

  7. If it's not a hell yes, it's a no.

  8. Ask yourself - does this bring me joy?

  9. Quality > Quantity for most things in life.

  10. We all have 24 hours in a day. It's up to you how you use it. With that being said, after becoming a Mom, getting up at 5 AM to have an hour to myself changed my mood, brain fog, and motivation.

  11. Be present. Put your phone down. Look people in the eyes. Ask questions. Hug. Say I love. It all matters.

  12. Tomorrow is not promised. Read that again.

  13. Confidence is a muscle. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

  14. Love your body. It's your home.

  15. Travel. The world is so big and you deserve to see it all.

  16. Educate yourself on finances so you can be your own advocate and make smart decisions that will allow you to reach your goals.

  17. With that being said, buying a multi-unit as our first home was one of the best decisions we made. Highly recommend it.

  18. Dance. In the kitchen, on the table - it feels good.

  19. Food is fuel (and also fun). Nourish your body in a way that allows you to feel your best.

  20. Other people's opinions of you are none of your business (still working on this one).

  21. Read. Read. Read.

  22. Making people feel good, feels good. Thoughtful gifts, kind words, and handwritten cards are my love language.

  23. Clean up your home & your personal products. There is so much shit in our cleaning supplies, cookware, makeup, skincare, etc. Keep it simple. I know our future selves will thank us for this (and our little ones too).

  24. You choose who you want in your life. No more spending time with toxic people out of obligation.

  25. Set and know your boundaries.

  26. Children are magic, it's like experiencing life again for the first time.

  27. Change is the only certainty in life.

  28. Be clear on your values and base your decisions around it.

  29. You can have a successful career you love and also be present and have quality time at home.

  30. Celebrate both the big and small life moments.


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