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Life With The Libbys | Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Our Favorite Recipes

A habit we started before our own wedding that we still do now is planning our weekly meals & groceries! We started a routine on Sundays of meal planning, grocery shopping & prepping for the week. We were in a rut of eating the same boring meals and spending money on eating unhealthy food. This small habit has helped us save money, eat healthier & get more excited about the food we eat.

Stay Inspired

A few of our favorite cook books we often reference to are Kelly Levesque's Body Love & Body Love Everyday. We also love Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, True Comfort by Kristin Cavallari, and The Newlywed Table.

But our favorite way to find new meals to try is Pinterest. We created a board that we can go back to on Sundays when looking for new meals to try. You can check out our board here.

Get Organized

1. We keep our grocery list on the side of our refrigerator so that when we run out of staple items or household supplies we can add it to this list so we don't forget when we run to the store.

2. We plan our dinners.

Do you hate the question, "what's for dinner?" or do you ever open your fridge and feel uninspired by the choices to throw something together? Creating a meal plan for the week has helped us eliminate that stress. We usually plan for 6 dinner recipes a week and plan for 1 night of take out/going out. We take a look at our week and if we have late meetings or a busy day, we might opt for an easy crockpot meal or if we have the evening free we might try something new and cook together. We use our cookbooks, pinterest, and family recipes to get inspired for new & our go-to meals for the week.

Looking to get inspired & organized when it comes to meal planning? Download our custom pdf we made! We love using this to create our meals for the week and to bring along grocery shopping. Especially with all the one way aisles due to covid, this keeps us organized so we don't have to go back down aisles searching for items.


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