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Life With The Libbys | Recipes We Love & How We Meal Prep

Over the years, I've acquired a love for cooking and trying new recipes. Growing up, I was an extremely picky eater. Maybe it was being an only child or living in a small town with not as many options but once I got to college my palette started to expand.

When we started living in our first apartment together (pictured above #throwback) I got so tired of eating the same things and going into the grocery store just grabbing stuff we could throw together. I started planning our meals for the week and got more serious about it throughout wedding planning. Once the pandemic hit, my love for cooking hit a new level. I was always on Pinterest & TikTok looking up new recipes to try. Then I would say my love continued to grow when Grey started solids and I was preparing foods for her now too.

download our planner on etsy

We now plan for 6-7 dinner recipes a week using this planner I created. We keep it on our fridge and add to it as the week goes on when we run out of items. Then on Sundays we sit down and plan our dinners together. We try new things, we bring back some old favs, and try to look at our week ahead logistically what makes sense. Maybe we have a busy day so it's a crockpot recipe or maybe we have company coming over with a dietary restriction. I love this planner because 1. it takes the guessing game out of the meal prep and nightly question of "what we we going to eat?" 2. we have found we save so much money because we really don't do any last minute takeouts because we are usually pretty excited about whatever is on the menu. & 3. it makes grocery shopping SO easy because it's organized based on category.

Here's a few of our favorite meals we have tried recently.

Other Resources We Love:

  • Be Well By Kelly - Her books changed the way I think about food as fuel. She also has a great course for feeding kiddos!

  • Solid Starts - We took this course a little before Grey turned 6 months and can't say enough good things about it! If anything - download their free app and use the resources on how to prepare/cut food based on ages.

  • Thrive Market - We LOVE shopping at Thrive. With a dairy & soy sensitivity it makes shopping simplified. I also love getting snacks for Grey on here because I know they have high quality standards. Get $40 off your first order using this link.


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