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Life With The Libbys | Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Cooking brings me so much joy and I love preparing meals for our toddler. However, sometimes I feel so uninspired like we eat the same thing every day. (I think my husband has had the same breakfast routine since I met him). But I want to add a little variety to her mornings and thought I'd share if anyone else is looking for some inspiration too.

We loved following the Solid Starts First 100 Day Meal Plan and still use their app and downloads as a resource for preparing meals. I am by no means a chef, dietitian, or expert - just a mom who loves cooking for her babe. We always strive to hit her major food groups and provide a balance of protein, fat, fiber, and greens. We also loved Fab 4 Under 4 by Kelly Levesque is you're looking to learn from more experts.

We hope this brings some inspiration, share your favorite with us.

blueberries, avocado toast w/ hemp seeds, scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes

blueberry pancakes, yogurt with nut butter, scrambled eggs with spinach & garlic

hard boiled eggs, oatmeal ball, blueberries

blueberries, yogurt, avocado toast with chia flax

scrambled eggs with zucchini, clementine, yogurt with nut butter

egg bites with zucchini, raspberries, and french toast bites

egg strips with spinach & garlic, pancakes, yogurt

pb toast, scrambled eggs, yogurt with raspberries

french toast bites, blueberries, eggs with zucchini & spinach

scrambled eggs with spinach & garlic, blackberries, nut butter toast with hemp seeds

yogurt with pumpkin seed butter, spinach pancakes, strawberries


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