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Rain On Your Wedding Day | Maine Wedding Photographer & Videographer

couple with clear umbrellas at rain wedding

If you're planning a wedding in Maine or New England you probably know the weather can be a bit unpredictable. As much as you dream of the most beautiful, warm, sun filled day there is always a chance that it may rain - because unfortunately, we can't control the weather.

I get it, it can be disappointing (trust me - I've been there) and I hate when people, although they mean well, tell you not to worry about it. You're obviously going to worry about it and you likely will probably be a little bummed if it happens to you. It's okay! Feel your feels. Talk about it. Create a plan. Then make the most of it. This is the big one. We can't do anything about it so all we can do is make the most of what we have been given.

So today I want to share an experience from a recent wedding where it didn't just rain, it down poured. Honestly never in my 10+ wedding photography career have I shot in conditions like this. But let me tell you, it was freaking epic. And we made the absolute MOST out of it. Some of my favorite images to date. Why? Because the couple rolled with it and the vendors worked their asses off to make it happen.

So I'm here so share some beautiful images from a rain filled day to hopefully inspire you and remind you that if it rains on your wedding day it will still be beautiful and magical and at the end of it - you'll be married!

Are you a wedding photographer or videographer? Keep scrolling to see some of our tips when planning for a rainy day.

wedding party at rainy wedding with clear umbrellas

bride with clear umbrella at rainy wedding

coupe kissing under clear umbrella at rainy wedding

bridesmaids with clear umbrellas at rainy wedding

bride and moh under porch at rainy wedding

wedding party under tent opening at rainy wedding

couple dancing under sailcloth tent at rainy wedding

Tips from photographer & videographer for a rainy wedding day:

  1. Umbrellas are a must! We keep a set of 12 clear umbrellas in our car all wedding season, just in case! This is usually enough for a wedding party if we need it. However, if you're a couple planning your wedding check in with your venue, planner, and rental company to see if they have any on site or if you can add some to your rental order. Thank goodness both the venue had the couple had rented umbrellas for all the guests for this wedding day.

  2. Scout the venue. If you haven't been to the venue before or even if you have, arrive early and scout the property with backup options if it were to rain. We used a covered porch for some bridesmaid portraits (see above) as well as the tent entrance for family and wedding party photos (see above). But we loved that this couple braved the storm and decided to get some photos in the rain with umbrellas.

  3. Vendors - dress accordingly & pack an extra set of clothes. We brought our rain jackets but we didn't pack an extra set of clothes. This level of rain really soaked through our jackets and although my leather pants were pretty water repellent I know Cole could have used an extra set of clothes. Honestly this is a good reminder to keep an extra all year long in your car from shirt to shoes.

  4. Protect your gear. We did our best under the circumstances but we know we could have done better. You best believe as soon as we got home we ordered an umbrella attachment for our tripod as well as these sleeve protectors for our handhelds. If anyone has better recommendations, we are open to them! The venue had extra towels on hand so I kept one in my pocket for a frequent wipe down but it couldn't hurt to bring some of your own.

  5. Be flexible & keep up the spirits. Dealing with rain on a wedding day is challenging and will likely take you out of your comfort zone and typical style and routine of shooting. Be flexible and stay positive. Your couple and other vendors are counting on you to make it work regardless of the circumstances so do your best and get creative!

Did it rain on your wedding day? Share your experience with us.


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