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Vendor Feature: Lauren Kinton | Bridal Hair Stylist and Founder of DO & The Opal Society

lauren kinton - bridal hair stylist and founder of do

One of our favorite parts of our jobs is collaborating and getting to know so many incredibly talented creatives in our industry. Today we are so excited to be featuring one of our favorite bridal beauty experts - Lauren Kinton! Not only is she a talented hair stylist but she is an inspiring entrepreneur.

Let's dive into it...

Q: Tell us a little bit about you & your business:

A: Hey there! I'm Lauren, a serial entrepreneur, a nurturing mama, a loving wife, and a passionate hairstylist. My journey began with a degree in cosmetology, but I didn't stop there. I pursued an MS in Business Management from Merrimack College, which led to the creation of The Opal Society – my pride and joy + Do (more on that later!).. I'm an eternal learner, always pushing the boundaries of my industry.

Life threw me a curveball with a devastating breakup that turned my world upside down. But instead of dwelling on the past, I focused on rebuilding. Step by step, breath by breath, I rediscovered myself and put myself first.

I dreamed of doing more than just working for others. The traditional commission salon path didn't align with my vision, so I took a leap of faith into booth renting. It felt like home. And yes, I even added a corporate job + side gig at a seafood restaurant for good measure. Why? Because I was determined to self-fund my Master's degree.

During this time, I was busy filling my own cup. If there's one thing I'd tell any woman, it's to prioritize yourself. That's why I founded The Opal Society – a haven for modern women to feel fabulous in their skin and hair. And now with my latest company, Do, it was born out of the same cup that came from The Opal Society. Do is streamlining the bridal beauty booking process for the both the bride + bridal beauty artist.

I've been through challenges, but I've come out stronger. I've reclaimed myself, and I'm never letting go. With unwavering support from my husband, Mike, and our little one, Tripp, I've realized that the world can wait. My journey is about embracing the beauty of life and empowering others to do the same. The best is yet to come! 💪💕🌟

bridal hair stylist - maine wedding photographer and videographer

Q: Do you have a niche or speciality when it comes to wedding hair?

A: Classic, timeless looks - think effortless, natural and unstructured. I am a sucker for a party pony though!

Q: What does the process look like working with you? (booking, trials, prep etc.)

A: The process is about to change (my new business, do) but how it goes right now, brides can reach out via my website,, and fill out the bridal contact form. This is so important. The amount of loose emails and DMs that get lost is sad! Once you inquire, I will get back to you in a short turn around, typically 48-72 hours. I am now only accepting bridal inquiries if the bride has hired a wedding planner!

Q: What is something you wish more brides knew when it comes to their wedding day hair?

A: The morning is so fun, vibes are high, and we are channeling *presence.* I see it with every bride, the minute I say, “hey bride, about 30 minutes until you’re in the chair!” *15 minutes goes by* and I give them another reminder, a sheer look of panic comes across their face. The morning goes by FAST you guys! We are the experts, trust us! I will do my best to remind you to have your details box ready for your photographer, make sure the room is tidy for photos and for the bridesmaids to keep the vibes high!

Specifically about hair - If you hire me, I will always be honest with you. I tend to say “if its not a hell yes, its a hell no.” I will often ask, “30-40 years from now, you’re looking back at your wedding photos, what do you want to see?” I will guide you! Also - it is YOUR hair, no one else’s, you do whatever you want!

bridesmaids popping champagne - bridal hair stylist - maine wedding photographer and videographer

Q: Best tips for bridesmaids (prep & day of)

A: My top 3 tips

  1. Be on time!! We love you, but today isn’t about you, its all about your #1 gal, the bride!

  2. Please, please, please come with dry, clean hair. And if you have clip-in extensions, please brush them out beforehand. We are tight on time as it is!

  3. Come prepared with photos

  4. Please steam dresses before your hair and makeup - what is steam? Humidity! What don’t we like? Humidity!

Q: How far in advance should brides get their hair cut and colored before their wedding?

A: 7-14 days. I don’t know about you, but I REALLY love my hair a week or two after getting it done. This also allows time if there needs to be anything tweaked.

couple kissing - bridal hair stylist - maine wedding photographer and videographer

Q: Do certain hairstyles look better with different necklines of wedding dresses? A: Yes, but I am more on the train of “its your day, you do what you want,” within reason of course (lol). Many brides with cool/fancy “backs” to their dresses want it up to show it off!

Q: Any trends or styles you’re loving for bridal hair?

A: I am absolutely loving that brides are getting their hair and makeup done for their rehearsal dinner. I always say to do the more fun look on the rehearsal dinner night!

For a specific hair trend: I am really loving the Gigi Hadid look - sleek/smooth front 2 sections and loose curls in the back. Although, I feel like this one is here to stay :)

do network


A: Founded with a deep love for all things hair and makeup, Do, simplifies the bridal beauty booking experience. It's your personal assistant in the world of bridal beauty, connecting brides and talented beauty professionals effortlessly.

For brides, it's a game-changer. Say goodbye to endless emails, texts, and DMs trying to inquire with your day-of beauty team. With Do, you can browse, book, and communicate with your chosen beauty professional seamlessly. The platform's transparent pricing and finding out stylist availability (within 48 hours or sooner) make the process stress-free and exciting.

Beauty professionals, including hairstylists and makeup artists, are also in for a treat. Do streamlines inquiry management, contract handling, and payment processing, freeing them to focus on what they love – their craft. It's not just a platform; it's a thriving community that celebrates uniqueness and supports growth.

With a commitment to excellence, Do continuously innovates, and will release features quickly after our launch date. It's a tech-savvy revolution in the bridal beauty industry, driven by my vision to make every 'I Do' a masterpiece of beauty and confidence. Join the Do community, and experience a world where beauty and connection come together to transform your bridal journey.

Biggest Q so far from bridal beauty professionals: Can I still be hands on through the process? Yes!! At Do, we WANT you to be hands-on, on your own terms!

This or That

  1. Up or Down - Up!

  2. Veil or Hair Accessory - Veil

  3. Hair Before Makeup or Makeup before Hair - Makeup before hair

  4. Reception Hair Switch or Keep it the Same - keep it the same

  5. Simple Earrings or Statement Earrings - simple! *change to statement for the PARTYYY

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