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Vendor Feature:Wedding DJ Sounds Buono

new england wedding dj

Today we're so excited to be featuring one of our favorite wedding DJs, Joe Del Buono, from Sounds Buono. The first wedding we worked with Joe it was a complete downpour and despite the conditions, he immediately got the party started and the dance floor was full all night. We work with a lot of entertainment companies and Joe is one of the absolute best. Not only is he extremely professional and fun to work with, but his talent for mixing and reading the crowd is unmatched. Keep reading to learn more about Sounds Buono and the unique services they offer as well as some tips that will ensure your wedding will be an epic dance party.

new england wedding dj

Q: Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

A: I’ve been working with music all of my life. It’s the thing I am most passionate about. I started out as a listener, then on to making pause-tape mixtapes for friends and family. At the beginning of high school I begged my parents for a set of turntables and a mixer, and shortly after, had a shipment from Guitar Center at my doorstep. Throughout the next decade (plus) I gradually worked my way through parties, college radio and the nightlife circuit - until I stopped DJing completely to pursue alternative creative career interests.

Around 2015, at a time when my nightclub days were long behind me, I felt a longing to pursue music again and decided to make the leap back into DJing. This time I wanted to try my hand at the wedding and private event industry - which I felt was very underserved in terms of talent throughout the New England area.

Combining my knowledge of music, branding/marketing background and a genuine hustlin’ spirit - I created Sounds Buono. After I came up with the name, every other aspect fell into place. With no connections or industry insight, I reached out to all the top vendors in the region and asked them to take a chance on me. Some were kind enough to oblige and I made sure not to disappoint or take those opportunities for granted. Year after year I’ve kept at it through hard work and determination, and slowly but surely Sounds Buono/Buono Events has grown into an industry leader. And I’m so incredibly proud of that.

To give a little perspective on How It Started vs How It’s Going: One of my first weddings was a very small backyard affair. Several years later in 2023, I performed at a beautiful celebration in Italy, worked events for luxury brands like Rolex and just rocked a show at TD Garden in Boston. So you can say everything is headed in the right direction!

Q: You are hands down one of the best DJs we have worked with - what makes you different?

A: That is so kind of you - likewise!

Outside of being a constant student of the game and always investing time, energy and money into my craft - I believe my focus on the little things matters a lot and really sets me apart from everyone else out there.

Presentation is important. For instance, I’m always tweaking the way my setup looks, feels and sounds. Every week I take some time to make sure my brand is consistent and up to speed across all channels (from website, socials and collateral). I try to stay in the best shape possible, both physically and mentally. And I must look the part - whether that be one of my custom-tailored suits or some fly cocktail-party attire.

Outside of my performance the day of, I’m representing my clients throughout the whole entire process. I make sure all of my interactions with venues, vendors, staff, etc at all times are professional, kind and courteous. I’m super attentive, I don’t complain and I expect the unexpected with a calm demeanor. I believe this energy is contagious and carries throughout everyone involved with the event.

Finally - be a good person and do good work. That’s my motto.

Q: Can you tell us more about the unique services and different divisions of your business?

A: Yes! I have been working with Hudson Horns for just about 5 years now. We offer clients the best of both worlds; the beauty of professional musicians and live instrumentation. The polish and versatility of a seasoned disc jockey. All wrapped into a unique, high energy and interactive performance. I also play with their full band from time to time. It has been a wonderful partnership.

We brought back our popular “Buono Booth” open air photo booth, which has been a hit at weddings and corporate events the past two seasons. And simmering in the background is an event space, rental arm and a few other offerings that will slowly debut in the coming years.

Q: What are 3 elements that you think make for an epic dance party?

A: 1. You hire us for a reason, so trust your DJ. Make sure to give us creative liberties so we can set off a great performance.

2. If you want guests to focus on the dance floor when the time comes, limit distractions (fire pits, games, cigar bar, jugglers, etc).

3. Keep the space as dark and intimate as possible so your guests feel comfortable and can let loose. Bypass the colorful laser shows! The natural ambiance of a space is the best in my opinion.

Q: Best tip for a packed dance floor…

A: It all starts and ends with the couple. Everyone is here for them! If they are on the dance floor, it will inspire everyone to join in and stay there. And keep in mind that weddings are very inclusive, multi-generational events - so set the tone through your musical choices that there will be something for everyone.

Q: What’s an unexpected crowd pleaser?

A: Dropping some raunchy hip-hop in the middle of some classic wedding songs is one of my favorites. It’s unexpected and always hits well.

Q: What’s something you wish more couples knew when hiring a DJ or entertainment for their wedding?

A: You get what you pay for!

This or That

  1. After Party or Shut it Down (If we are going to keep turning it up - let’s hit the after party!)

  2. Choreographed First Dance or FreeStyle (It’s really nice when couples work hard at their first dance and showcase it to everyone)

  3. Guests Requests or Let You Do Your Thing (Let.Me.Do.My.Thing!)

  4. Tented Coastal or Modern City (Both can be great honestly)

  5. Throwbacks or Current Hits (Throwbacks all day)

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