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Wedding Videography Tip: How to Watch Your Wedding Film

tips on watching your wedding film - maine videographer

POV it's the middle of a random Wednesday and you receive one of our "Happy Mail" emails letting you know that your wedding film is done. You have been patiently waiting for this and are so excited to relive your wedding day. It can be so tempting to drop everything you're doing and watch immediately. While we understand (and love) the excitement we want to encourage a more intentional way to watch your wedding film for the first time.

Here's 5 tips on how to watch your wedding film:

  1. First things first, plan to watch it with your partner. We promise it's more enjoyable this way.

  2. Create a space free of distractions so that you can be fully present in the moment.

  3. Set the mood. We love when our couples make a date night out of their first viewing, so grab a glass a wine or cup of coffee (maybe even some popcorn) and snuggle up on the couch before pressing play.

  4. If you have a smart tv or streaming device download the vidflow app and you can watch your film on the big screen. You can really take in all the details this way and be immersed in the experience.

  5. If you loved the experience of viewing your wedding film as a "premiere" consider hosting your close family and friends over for a viewing party to share with them for the first time.

If you want a way to continue to watch your wedding film, we highly recommend a Motion Book to display in your home and rewatch on repeat. This can become an heirloom for generations. It's one of our daughter's favorite books and the way her eyes light up when she sees all her favorite people in a movie form is truly magical.

Do you have any tips on how to watch your wedding film? Share with us!


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