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Why Videography Needs to be on your Priority List | Maine Wedding Videographer

Working as a husband and wife team, our dinner conversations often involve discussing our work. We love what we do, so we enjoy talking about it with each other. Most recently we have been discussing why videography falls off a lot of couples' priority lists. Whether it's because of budget or even that traditionally videography wasn't seen as a "must have" for your wedding. Today we're going to dive into the value of videography and why it needs to be on your priority list when planning your wedding.

First and foremost, photography is not a substitute for videography.

We often see responses in inquiries or in conversation with prospective clients that they don't need videography because they have photography. Photos and videos are two completely separate things. Although they complement each other they provide different uses & values.

The best way for me to explain it is that photographs capture a moment in time but films allow you to relive that moment in time. We look back on our photographs, print them in an album, and hang them on our walls and there is no doubt they evoke memories and sentiment. But videography provides a different type of experience. It allows you to relive your day through motion, emotion, and storytelling. You get to not only see the dances, smiles, and reactions - you get to hear the laughter, speeches, and vows. Although photos & videos are similar they are also so different.

Your wedding is one day - and it goes by SO fast. Wouldn't you want to capture it in any way and every way that would allow you to relive it for years to come?

As present as I felt on our own wedding day, some moments still felt like a blur of emotions. The ability to go back and listen to our best friends speeches, watch our ceremony film, listen and see the emotion in our vows, letters, and packed dance floor is invaluable. You don't get these moments back. They're once in a lifetime and we believe that's worth the investment.

But working with a videographer isn't just about capturing the moments - it's about telling the story. We frequently get asked about raw footage and if we offer that to our clients. The short answer is no. The power of videography and hiring a film maker is that they have the ability to capture all the moments of your day and piece it into a thoughtful short story that pulls at your heart strings, makes you laugh, and transports you back to your day. It not only tells the story of one day, but the entire love story that led up to it. We believe it's pretty magical.

To fully capture your day in every aspect - we believe you need both photo and video. That's why we're only offering combination packages moving forward. We believe so strongly in the power of both.

We also believe there is a unique value in booking a team that offers photography & videography (even better as a husband & wife team). Not only do we work together every day, we also approach each moment aware of the other person so that we capture your day in both formats. We work together to document your day so you can relive it over and over again.

As newlyweds, we get it. We remember the feeling of overwhelm when planning. We remember the sticker shock of quotes and feeling like we can't have it all. While we don't feel like we need to defend our pricing, we are happy to be more transparent about why videography is a big investment. And remember, as clients it's okay to not know what things cost or wonder why they cost what they do.

Videography requires a lot of equipment, logistics, time, and editing. From multiple cameras and tripods to audio equipment as well. It requires editing software and music licensing. But mostly - it requires a heck of a lot of editing time. Piecing together 8 hours of coverage is a lengthy task. We sort through all of your clips, all your audio and carefully piece it together to music and then we begin color grading and fine tune editing. One of the biggest questions we get asked by friends or clients is, how much time does it take to edit a wedding film? And while that varies from project to project - there is no doubt that it takes at least 5x longer than it takes us to edit wedding photos.

So while we understand that videography may not fall in line with everyone's budget, values, or priority lists (and that's ok!) we wanted to take a minute to really dive into the behind the scenes and provide some education on why we think it should be a top priority.

Do you have specific video / wedding film questions we didn't answer? Send us an email at We are always happy to provide more information or set up a time to talk more details with you.


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