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Tweedie Boys

Oh, melt my heart. These boys. Every time I come home to visit and get a quick high five (or a hug if I’m lucky) from these boys I realize how big they are getting. But it wasn’t until taking these photos and seeing how they interact with their new baby brother that I realized how big they actually are. When Ty wasn’t squeezing Leo’s chubby cheeks he was often just laying his head right next to him staring at him with amazement. And Jay, sweetest thing… when Leo was crying and he was holding him and comforting him it seriously made me realize how mature he has become. Then there is Leo, or "Eeo"… all smiles with those big brown eyes and one curl on the top of his head. I am so lucky I was able to capture these precious moments.

"Okay I'm tired. This modeling thing is hard work."

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