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Lydia Newborn & Hews Family

Well, what was supposed to be a maternity session ended up being a newborn session and I can’t say I’m disappointed. Although I love maternity shoots – there is nothing quite like capturing newborns and parenthood for the very first time.

Amber and Trevor’s baby girl Lydia was welcomed into the world early this Spring and it was only a few short weeks after that I was able to capture her bright blue eyes, dark brown hair and pure sweetness that melted my heart.

But what also melted my heart was seeing how Amber soothed her crying baby girl in between shutter clicks and the way that Trevor so gently placed his face next to his new daughters – and the way the two of them looked at each other with so much love as they held their first born child.

Yes, I love my job. Thank you Amber & Trevor (and Lydia too) for letting me capture your sweet sweet family.

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