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Wedding Wishlist From A Photographer

Wedding season is creeping up on us and I’m so excited for what is to come. Every weekend I look forward to seeing how couples will personalize and customize their wedding day. And the best part is, no one-day is ever the same. From the decorations to the speeches, to the unique love story between each couple, every day holds a special place in my heart.

Usually when talking details for my couples wedding day, we talk over a basic photo list of images that are the most important to them. Maybe it’s a first look with their dad, sunset portrait session, or a surprise reception dance… and just as my couples have their wish lists I have mine. Today I’m going to share some of my big & little wishes as a wedding photographer.

Destination Wedding - I know I’m not alone when I say that it is my dream for a couple to take me with them for their intimate destination wedding. From tropical islands to foreign countries… I’m game so take me with you!

Beach Wedding Portrait Session – Living in Maine you would think this would be already crossed off my list, but it’s not. I’ve done engagement sessions, senior sessions, but I’ve been dying to get a wedding couple out in the sand and rocks and capture the true essence of their love & our coast.

Bridesmaid Shoot – It’s your last day as a single gal and I want to capture you and your girls living it up. Whether it’s floral robes & champagne in bed or sunet & sparklers on the beach… I want to capture your friendship in a fun and unique way.

Surprise – I’ve been longing for one of those YouTube worthy moments where the groom busts out into a dance for his bride (or the other way around). The kind that makes everyone laugh so hard they are crying and totally WOWs the guests.

Day After Session – A chance to embrace your newlywed status in a relaxing and loving way. Enjoy a day after session on the beach, field, or even your honeymoon suite.

To be continued…

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