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Kristen & Matt's Formal Winter Engagement Session

Their love story from Matt, the groom-to-be,

"The first time Kristen and I met it was love at first site, well at least for me. It took a lot of convincing for her to finally agree to let me take her out but after that the rest is history. Through ups and downs, great times and the difficult ones we learned who we were and where we wanted to be as a couple. Fast forward 5 years and I found myself on one knee asking the love of my life to spend the rest of hers with me. Obviously she said yes! Most likely because of my dance moves! As the big day approaches and life gets busier we find ourselves enjoying the company of each other as much as we can, thrilled for the future and ready for the next chapter in our lives. I can happily say we are very excited to say I do."

About their session from Kristen,

"Matt and I are not what I call photogenic people! I was very nervous that we were only going to have a few photos to chose from but I was wrong! During the entire session we were able to be ourselves, talk and laugh. We both feel like Amanda was able to capture our true selves in an elegant fashion. We are so happy with our photos and can't wait to have Amanda at our Wedding!"

If these photos are any indication of how their wedding is going to go, I can't wait! These two are beautiful (and super photogenic despite what Kristen says), and so much fun to be with!

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