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Our First Family Photos

If you have been following along you know that Cole and I brought home this sweet fur baby back in December. Today I'm sharing our first family photos together by best friend, Mackenzie Lamoureux, and a little detail about the sentiment behind her name and story.

Growing up my entire family had English Springer Spaniels. My aunt and my grandparents' dog had a litter that we got my childhood dog, Molly. She was a liver and white springer and was my companion for most of my childhood. We had to put her down when I was a freshman in college and I remember my Dad being so heartbroken. Throughout the next few years he always talked about getting another dog but with work he was just too busy.

My Dad wished to get a black and white springer and name her/him Shire. The name Shire came from the mascot of my hometown, Houlton Shiretowners. Our school colors were black and white so he found it only fitting to name the pup Shire. We dreamed this dream together, and I envisioned it for him.

Now that my Dad has since passed away, this was always an idea that Cole and I talked about when getting a puppy. We wanted to live out this wish of my Dad's. A way to continually make his dreams come true and have him be a part of our future even though he isn't physically able to be with us.

We picked out this sweet girl in November (just a few days after the one year anniversary of my father's death). And we ironically picked her up on his birthday, December 10th.

I'm not a particular religious person, but I believe in signs. This sweet girl is more than just our first puppy together. She is a piece of my Dad that we hold near and dear to our hearts. We know he would have loved her!

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