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Grace & Nate Wedding at Alden Camps

When first meeting Grace & Nate at their engagement shoot I knew their wedding was going to be a blast! They celebrated their love at Alden Camps in Oakland where the the bridesmaids and groomsmen got ready in their lakeside cabins and ventured out in the woods to exchange their vows. I love how Grace added her own personal style onto this rustic day with a few boho-glam details like her incredible feather flats, fish tail braid, and dazzling garter. It paired so well with the guys succulent boutonnieres and soft pastels!

These two just couldn't wait for the party to start and boy could their crew dance. I loved seeing the smiles and dance moves to all the throwbacks. But my all time favorite moment of the day was when Grace was trying to get her groove on and her dress was getting in the way. She literally took scissors to the bottom of the dress and just chopped it right off! You can see a photo below of her mom swinging the remains around her head. Some of you brides are probably cringing, but I loved the fact that her main concern was just having a good time! I will remember that moment forever!

Congratulations again to Grace & Nate! I feel so grateful I was able to capture this beautiful day for you.