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FAQ: Should I hire a second photographer for my wedding?

As you embark on your wedding planning journey, so many questions arise that you might have never even thought of before! There is so much to consider and at times, can be overwhelming! I get it - I'm a bride planning a wedding too! And everything outside photography world seems foreign to me even though I'm in the industry.

Today I wanted to share a question I get asked frequently and help provide better knowledge and understanding so you can make the best decision that's right for you!

Let's start by sharing that I design my wedding collections in a way so they are completely customizable to your budget and photography needs. With à la carte options like adding an extra hour of coverage, second photographer, engagement session, etc. you can completely customize your wedding collection to best fit YOU and your wedding day.

So once you decide on how many hours of coverage you will need/want - your next question might be, do I need a second photographer? Here's some Q's you should ask yourself

Q: Are my significant other and I getting ready in separate locations?

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients when they are deciding on a second photographer. If you and your hubby-to-be are getting ready in separate locations, lessen the stress and time bouncing around by having a second photographer. This means more moments captured for both of you and *bonus* the more photos done beforehand, the more time you have to enjoy your party!

Q: How big is my wedding?

If you have a large guest number and are interested in having lots of photographs of them during the cocktail hour and reception - add a second photographer to your package! While we're off doing portraits with immediate family and your wedding party, the second photographer can be back at cocktail hour grabbing candids and posed images of your friends and family.

Q: Do I want lots of detail shots?

You work so hard on bringing together the perfect vision for your wedding day. I understand that every detail is well thought out and important to you. Not only do you want to allow time to photograph details like - your invitations, dress hanging, jewelry, etc. You also want your reception details like your place settings, flowers, tablescapes, etc to be photographed. All of these details help tell the story of your entire day. Sometimes the day is so crazy and there just simply is not enough time to get over to the reception to capture the details before guests arrive. Hiring a second photographer ensures more moments get captured - because unfortunately, I can't be in two places at once!

Q: Is it in my budget?

Staying inside your budget is so important and something I want to be extremely respectful of when helping you choose your wedding collection. If adding a second photographer is within your budget - then you should really consider adding it to your package! Not only does it lessen the stress of the 'getting ready' process it also provides more images, angles, and moments captured of your big day.

Over all, you can't go wrong with adding a second photographer to your wedding collections. It gives you more images & more perspective all while making your day a little more stress-free!

I understand that each wedding is unique, so if you'd like to chat more details about your vision for the day to see if adding a second photographer is right for you - contact me and we can set up a time to talk.

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