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My Bridal Shower | A&C Wedding

We're officially one month away from our wedding, and we are getting all the feels.

When people ask us how we're feeling, our only answer is we are freaking excited! After a long engagement, we are just beyond ready for the weekend to finally be here so that we can celebrate with our family and friends and officially become husband and wife.

We celebrated both our bachelorette and bachelor parties as well as my bridal shower.

I thought I would do a little recap of the shower and all the details!

I decided to have my bridal shower at Ri Ra's in Portland. It's one of my favorite restaurants because they have the best snacks and the aesthetic upstairs is just my style (and fits our wedding). We chose to rent the bar area because I opted for more of a cocktail style reception than a sit down brunch.

I loved this because it created a more causal setting and allowed guests to eat, drink, and socialize.

This DIY greenery board has come in handy for so many occasions. I always get lots of questions about it. It's honestly just plywood with boxwood greenery stapled to it. Nothing fancy and totally DIYable.

My future father in law cut this custom sign for me from one of my favorite quotes, "Grow old alongside of me, the best is yet to be." Which felt so fitting for this occasion.

I struggled with decor for the shower because although I wanted it to be cohesive with the wedding, I didn't want to use all the same decor. So I opted to include some pampas grass (I bought some from here, here, and here). I also bought these basket/vases from target.

The best part about these decor items is they are reusable, and we now have them in our house!

We also had GiffyMe photo booth there so we could gets lots of fun gifs and pictures of everyone.

I love this particular company because of the sleek design of the stand as well as the option for both photos & gifs. Super easy to use and sends the photos right to your phone.

The best favors from my favorite bakery in Portland, Suga Suga. I've had french macarons from everywhere - Paris, NYC, Whole Foods, all over and nothing compares to these. Seriously amazing.

Tara created these custom lemon flavored macs in dusty blue (my favorite color) with gold details. Beautiful & delicious.

There are so many bridal shower activities and games out there, but nothing felt like the right fit. We came up with the idea to make our own version of Cards Against Humanity, but Life with the Libbys. Each guest got three cards, two with pre-written answers and one blank one to put the corresponding card with a question.

This was hilarious and wildly inappropriate. I loved it.

(perfect for keeping track of wedding & shower gifts as well as thank you notes)

The shower was amazing and I'm so grateful for all the love from the people we're closest to.

Because I had a destination bachelorette and I had some friends traveling for my bridal shower, I decided to have a few other activities throughout the weekend if people we're interested. We started off Friday night with a private spin class at Jibe Cycling. And Saturday morning with a private Bar Method class. These are two of my favorite things to do, so I loved sharing that experience with my family and friends. We also capped the weekend off with some drinks & dancing at Bubbas Sulky Lounge. Such a fun time for all ages. And a light up dance floor, I mean come on! One of Portland's best dive bars.

Feeling so much love as we head into the final countdown to the big day!

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