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Planning the Morning of Your Wedding | Advice & Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

It's no surprise that planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming at times. From finding the perfect vendors to designing a tablescape there are so many little details to think about and decisions to be made.

I've talked on the blog before about Creating A Wedding Timeline but I wanted to dive a little deeper into the morning of your wedding because I truly feel it sets the tone for the entire day. When you first start planning a wedding you think of the beginning of the day as your ceremony time, but in reality your day begins long before that.

Here's a few words of advice & ideas that might work for you so that you can enjoy your entire day not just your ceremony and reception.


The first thing, where are you going to wake up and where are you going to get ready? If at all possible, choose a location that allows you do to everything all in one spot. Wake up, get ready, get married, party, go to sleep. All in one spot. That's what we did for our wedding and honestly it was the best blessing. There was no rushing around from location to location, no opportunity to leave something behind, and I didn't get in a car from Thursday - Monday and it was amazing.

However, this may not work for you. Ask yourself these questions..

  • What does my travel time look like?

  • Is there enough room for all my bridesmaids & family to get ready?

  • Does the location match the aesthetic of my wedding?

  • Is there lots of natural light?

Wake Up Happy Spend the night somewhere you can get a good night sleep. I'm such a creature of habit so I brought my pillow from home as well as my fan & lavender pillow spray to our wedding venue to keep my sleeping routine consistent. Set an alarm to your favorite song. And plan to start your day with something that brings you joy.

I remember waking up on my wedding day to my two maid of honors, my Mom, and pup crawling into bed with me. It felt like home. It felt happy.

We then sipped our coffee on the porch and practiced yoga on the lawn overlooking the ocean with the sun beaming down on our faces. It truly set the tone for the entire day. It allowed me to breathe deeply and truly be present in the moment.

I encourage you to start your day with something that makes you happy. Maybe it's going for a jog, coffee in bed, or snuggles with your pup. Be intentional about how you spend your moments on your wedding day because the time is so fleeting.

Hair & Makeup

Create a timeline with your beauty artist that doesn't make you feel rushed. Maybe add a second artist so you don't have to start getting ready so early. Once you have this timeline down, communicate it with your bridesmaids & family getting ready with you. Keeping everyone in the loop of what the plan is will help keep things on time.

Don't Rush

The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is stressed & rushed. You want to be able to soak up every moment. So allow for time to do just that. Keep in mind you might want time once completing hair and makeup to have a mimosa, take pj pictures, and slowly work your way into your dress.

The time before your ceremony is usually a large portion of your wedding day, so I encourage you to be thoughtful about your time so that you can truly enjoy your entire day. If you have questions about creating a timeline that works for you, don't hesitate to reach out.

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