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Add on Feature: Teaser Film | Maine Wedding Videographer

Want to know our most requested add on? Our teaser films!

What's a teaser film? Our teaser films are a 1-ish minute highlight film of your wedding day. There is so much magic in reliving one of your best days in 1 minute. It's an instant serotonin boost and will give you ALL the feels.

We deliver our teasers 1-2 weeks post wedding which is perfect for couples who don't want to wait until their full film is done to relive their day. We send you two crops - one wide and one fit for social media. You (& your family and friends) will likely watch this film more than your full film. I know we personally love rewatching ours on anniversaries or special events - or if I need a little reminder why I love my husband when we're fighting (jk jk). But in all seriousness, I can't think of a reason not to get a teaser film. It's the perfect addition to your wedding collection and I promise you won't regret it.

Want to take a peek at some of our favorites?

Ready to add it on? Want to talk more?



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