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Jenna & Bryan | Black Point Inn Wedding with Golden Sunset

I remember it so clearly, I was on the tenth hour of my second wedding that weekend, at 30 weeks pregnant, my feet were slightly aching and baby was giving me kicks along to the music of @clockworkbostonband. Jenna & Bryan are in the middle of the dance floor and so in the moment together. Their smiles are wide and they have a twinkle in their eye. Maybe it was the hormones but I was instantly brought to tears.


Love like this, couples like Jenna & Bryan, they make my dream job a reality. Their genuine love for each other, their kindness, their attention to thoughtful details - this is what makes a dream wedding. Not to mention a kick ass vendor team.

This day was magical in so many ways (so worth the extra year wait) and I'm beyond honored I was able to capture it.