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Life With The Libbys | Our Costa Rica Honeymoon

Now that we have been sharing more personal posts on the blog, I took a look back and realized we never shared details from our honeymoon! For a little recap, we got married in 2019 and because we are in the wedding industry we opted for a mini moon as we were still in our busy season. We decided to book our honeymoon for November which was honestly the perfect time to escape the cold in Maine and celebrate not only our marriage but our wedding season being complete. After this trip, I was convinced we needed a vacation every November.

Our goal for our honeymoon was to relax and do nothing. Typically we are big explorers when it comes to travel but this vacation felt a little different. We were in the middle of renovating a house and we just needed to sit our butts in a beautiful place with a cocktail in hand.

When planning travel I love to browse & and among my search I found Casa Chameleon Hotels and instantly fell in love. Costa Rica was never on my travel list but I'm so glad we went. It was absolutely beautiful and we definitely want to go back to explore.

What really sold us on the Las Catalina's property was the villas with a plunge pool. This boutique hotel felt exclusive with only a 21 villas. The ocean views, the incredible cuisine, and a walk down to the shore it was the resort was a destination in itself.

If you're feeling up for adventure they offer so many different land and sea adventures. Our favorite was the catamaran tour!

So while I don't have a ton of Costa Rica specific recommendations, I highly highly recommend Casa Chameleon Hotels and we hope to visit another one of their properties in the future.

Tell me - whats your honeymoon destination?


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