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Things to Consider Adding to your Wedding Timeline | Maine Wedding Photographer & Videographer

You're diving into timeline details and beyond the basics of ceremony, reception, and standard portraits - what else should you consider when creating your wedding timeline?

First start with creating more an enough time for everything. Things don't always go as planned so you want to make sure there is enough buffer so that you don't feel stressed and can be present in each moment on your wedding day.

We created a post a few months ago called How to Create a Photo & Video Timeline for Your Wedding Day, so if you're looking for the basics - start there. But here's a few more things to consider when imagining your wedding day...

Beyond timeline of hair and makeup, make sure you have enough time to do some fun shots with your bridesmaids before slipping into your dress.

Speaking of bridesmaids - how about a little first look? We have found a lot of our clients like to do a little reveal to their girls or with their Dad.

Private Cocktail Hour - okay realistically you don't have enough time for your own full private cocktail hour but make sure to have your caterers/bartenders bring you some of your favorite tastings so you can enjoy (especially if you'll be using most of your cocktail hour for photos).

Sneak into your reception space to see your dream come to life.

Honor your lost loved one in a way that feels right to you. Poem during your ceremony. Letter during getting ready. Dance during your reception. Bigger post on this coming soon.

& sunset photos. but you already knew that one right?

The main point? Make time for things that matter most. And while we don't recommend scheduling every minute of the day, we always recommend adding extra buffer time for the organic natural moments to unfold.

What's something you wish you made time for on your wedding day?


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