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Videography Add on Feature: Ceremony Film

wedding ceremony couple kiss oceanfront maine at frenchs point

The way we design our wedding collections is that we offer our most popular packages and then give couples the opportunity to add on from there. One of the add ons we wanted to talk about today is our Ceremony Film.

What is a ceremony film? Our ceremony films are separate from the highlight film that is included in your collection and consists of your entire ceremony start to finish. We use multi camera views to showcase a cohesive experience so you can relive all those special moments. Walking down the aisle, reactions, vows, readings, and of course the kiss & processional. We find our clients love to rewatch their ceremony film on anniversaries and it becomes an heirloom that they can share for generations. They also can share with family or friends that couldn't be in attendance.

We want to make it clear that if you choose not to add on your ceremony film we will of course still include pieces of your ceremony into your highlight film - your ceremony film will just be a separate film that includes the full ceremony.

Questions or looking to add it onto your package? Send us an email at

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